Maxbelt Raw Edge Laminated v-belts are designed for drives requiring tough, high speed applications with increased horsepower capacity and greater flexibility. Its use is especially suitable in the more demanding automotive power transmission needs. “Laminated with multiple fabrics in the bottom to reduce noise”

A. Top & Bottom Fabric

The cover fabbric is woven with highly twisted, shear resistant, wrap and weft fibers for increased flexibility and abrasion resistance. It is also rubber coated for resistance to oil & static build-up.



B. Adhesion Rubber

The adhesion rubber is formulated for maximum adhesion between the tensile cord, fabric cover and compression rubber to prevent separation of the belt components.


 C. Tensile Cord

The tensile cord is the power transmission element within the belt. Cords are wound around the belt in an uninterrupted spiral for enhanced tensile strength. The cords are twisted in various configurations to match the load application and pre-stretched prior to belt assembly for length stabilization and minimum stretch during use.


D. Compression Rubber

The compression rubber in Maxbelt raw edge Laminated v-belts is reinforced with short fibers oriented across the belt width. This ensures dimensional stability of the cross section and provides maximum support for the tensile cords. This compound ensures a better resistance to wear than standard wrapped v-belts.




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